Perumqol Ziayee

Key member of NIMA killed in Takhar

The deputy head of the central council of the National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan, Perumqol Ziayee, was killed and three others wounded in a clash that erupted among the Taliban militants, People Uprising Force, and members of the National Islamic Movement, a security official confirmed.

Khalil Asir, the spokesperson for Takhar police, said the incident took place on Saturday, May 01, in Qala e Gardab in Rustaq district of Takhar province.

Those wounded were loyal to Perumqol Ziayee and members of the People’s Uprising Force.

Meanwhile, Enayatullah Babur Farahmand, the first vice-chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation, said Perumqol Ziayee was dead after a landmine exploded.

Perumqol Ziayee was loyal to Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum, the leader of the National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan.

The Taliban has not made any immediate comment in this regard.

Located in the northeastern part of the country, Takhar is an insecure province where the Taliban controls swathes of territories including the Rustaq district.