President Ghani pardoned 500 inmates in Herat

President Ghani pardoned 500 inmates in Herat

On the occasion of Mujahideen Victory Day, which is marked on April 28 every year in Afghanistan, President Ghani issued a decree to pardon 500 prisoners, officials at Herat central prison said.

Amrullah Nourzai, the jailor at Herat prison, said most of the pardoned prisoners were convicted of crimes such as armed robbery, murder, drug trade, and illegal weapons possession.

Out of 500 prisoners include 300 men and eight women. 36 prisoners who had been exchanged with Iran were also released.

The term of imprisonment for 191 female and male prisoners was reduced, Mr. Nourzai added.

Statistics from Herat Central Prison officials show that more than 3,000 prisoners, including 81 women, are being held in the prison.