Pakistan envoy

Pakistan peace envoy arrives in Kabul

Pakistan’s envoy on Afghanistan reconciliation, Mohammad Sadiq, leading a delegation, arrived in Kabul to discuss the Afghan peace process and bilateral issues with the Afghan leaders, the Pakistani ambassador to Kabul, Mansoor Ahmad said in a tweet posted today, Sunday, April 25.

The Pakistani delegation visits Kabul at a time when the Afghan government is preparing for a power-sharing deal with the Taliban.

The delegation has already met with the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Meerwais Nab.

Last week, the foreign ministers of Afghanistan, Turkey, and Pakistan held a meeting in Istanbul in an effort to revive the Afghan peace process days after the Istanbul conference was postponed reportedly due to the Taliban’s refusal to attend it. The three counterparts, in a joint statement, called for an immediate ceasefire and restart of talks.

Pakistan is the only country that has influence over Taliban leadership.

Details of the meeting have yet to come.