More women will be recruited in police ranks

The number of Afghan policewomen will reach 10,000 by 2024, says Massoud Andarabi, Minister of Interior. He said the Ministry of Interior (MoI) has developed a new strategy to raise the number of policewomen and focus on capacity building of policewomen.

Speaking at a conference titled Government’s Accountability for the Nation, held on Tuesday, March 02, Andarabi stressed the need to increase the number of policewomen. He added that around 4,000 policewomen are currently serving the Afghan police ranks.

He said that by the task the Afghan police have to maintain law enforcement but as the country is at war with the insurgents, the police forces, along with the Afghan army and the National Directorate of Security personnel, have to fight against insurgency.

Still, as he put it, the Ministry of Interior tries to assign police forces on law enforcement duties. The police outposts have decreased from 6,000 to 113 bases and 3,700 outposts across Afghanistan since the beginning of this solar year, the interior minister said.

As per his account, a total of 5,000 police forces who were previously serving to provide security for certain figures and facilities have been re-assigned to their main duties over the past six months.

Earlier in August 2020, the Ministry of Interior announced that according to a newly developed plan the Afghan police forces will be assigned to enforce the law and fight criminal acts within a four-year period.