Afghan forces launch clearance operation in Jalrez

Afghan forces launch clearance operation on Kabul-Bamyan highway

Afghan defense and security forces have launched a clearance operation in Jalrez district of Maidan Wardak province to ensure the security of the Kabul-Bamyan highway, a road that passes through the Jalrez valley, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) said in a statement.

The operation was launched from two directions – from Maidan Shahar, the capital city of Maidan Wardak, and from Behsud – last night, March 29, to ensure permanent security of Kabul – Bamyan highway and prevent the Taliban militants from re-establishing bases along the highway, the MoD Deputy Spokesperson Fawad Aman told Kabul Now.

He added that the defense and security forces have made significant progress and cleared many areas from the presence of the Taliban militants. The MoD official also said that the militants are fleeing the areas and are not able to resist the government forces.

According to him, the defense and security forces have not suffered any casualties since the beginning of the clearance operation.

As per his account, the government forces have seized many weapons and munitions belonging to the Taliban militants and destroyed their checkpoints set up to extort the people.

Aman also said that security outposts and bases will be established along the highway in order to ensure its permanent security.

The highway connects the central highlands region, including Bamyan, Ghor, and Daikundi provinces, with the capital Kabul.

Hundreds of civilians, mostly government workers, have been kidnapped, tortured, and brutally killed by the Taliban militants in recent years while traveling on the highway. For the frequently happened deadly incidents, the highway has become notorious among the residents of the central highlands as the ‘Death Valley’ in recent years.

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