Journalist’s family murder must be investigated in Ghor, says AIHRC
Dead bodies of Besmillah Adiq Aimaq's family were brought to governor's office in Ghor

Journalist’s family murder must be investigated in Ghor, says AIHRC

Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) has urged the government to investigate the murder of a slain journalist’s family in the western Ghor province.

In a statement issued on Sunday, February 28, the AIHRC has urged the security and judicial institutions to launch a probe into the killings of Besmillah Adil Aimaq and three members of his family.

Last Thursday, three members of Aimaq’s family were killed after unknown gunmen attacked house belonging to the slain journalist, Besmillah Adil Aimaq in Tigha Timor area, 15 km to the west of Feroz Koh, the capital of Ghor province. Aimaq’s 13-year old nephew, his brother, and cousin were killed in the attack.

Earlier on January 01, Besmillah Adil Aimaq, a local journalist who was working as the head of Radio Sada-e-Ghor, was gunned down by unknown armed men while he was en route to Feroz Koh.

No group claimed responsibility for the attack.

Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security (NDS) accused Ezatullah Bek, a member of Ghor Provincial Council, of Aimaq’s assassination. Bek was killed in a gun battle that erupted between the NDS forces and his security guards after Afghan forces attempted to arrest him in Ghor.

The AIHRC has blamed a local Taliban commander for the attack on Aimaq’s family. The Taliban militants have also kidnaped three members of Aimaq’s family.

Hayatullah Aimaq, Besmillah Aimaq’s brother, had earlier told Kabul Now that the Taliban militants were behind the attack on his house.