Paktia municipality official arrested for demanding USD 15,000 bribe

Attorney General Office investigated 1,792 corruption cases

The Attorney General’s Office (AGO) has investigated a total of 1,792 corruption cases, including 266 high-profile cases of corruption, over last year, according to Jamshid Rasooli, the AGO spokesperson.

Out of 266 high-profile cases, 205 were cases of civilians charged with corruption and 61 others were top military officials, Rasooli added. A total of 83 million and 719,000 afghanis, three million and 548,000 USD, and 600,000 Euros have been transferred to the government’s treasury box.

Moreover, as per the account of Rasooli, the AGO has recorded and sued 244 new corruption cases over the past two months. According to him, this number of cases suggested that an average of nine people per day were identified as involved in corruption cases over the past two months.

He further revealed that some high-profile officials at the levels of deputy ministers, governors, directors, members of provincial councils, and MPs are also among the people charged with corruption cases in the past two months.

The AGO spokesperson said that most of these people are charged with embezzlement, bribery, abuse of authority, money smuggling, and forging documents.

Afghan justice and judiciary organs have apparently accelerated investigating corruption cases, including high-profile ones, in recent months.

In the latest operation, two people, including the director of the procurement department at the Ministry of Education, and the head of Waris Seyar Company, were arrested on charges of corruption on Monday, February 22.

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