President Ghani order release of Pakistani prisoners

President Ghani pardons Pakistani prisoners to boost mutual ties

In a sign of “goodwill gesture” and to “boost mutual ties” between Afghanistan and Pakistan, President Ghani has pardoned and ordered the release of some Pakistani prisoners.

The President’s decree issued on Wednesday, November 18, has ordered the release of those Pakistani prisoners whose imprisonment period will be over a month later. It further set free those Pakistani prisoners who are imprisoned for inability to pay their fines.

The pardon does not seem to include those Pakistani prisoners who are arrested over involvement in terrorist attacks and fighting alongside the terrorists, particularly the Taliban, in Afghanistan.

Given the daily news shared by Afghan security agencies, a large number of Pakistani citizens are expected to be kept in Afghanistan’s prisons over alleged involvement in terrorist attacks and fighting against Afghan defense and security forces.

This comes after Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan paid a visit to Kabul and meet high government official, including President Ghani.

During the visit he appeared in a joint press conference with President Ghani and assured that Pakistan will do whatever is possible to reduce the violence and bring about peace in Afghanistan.