Taliban prisoners released by Afghan government leaving a government compound in Kabul

MoI: More than 580 released Taliban prisoners returned to battlefields

More than 580 Taliban prisoners, who were released by the Afghan government as part of US-Taliban deal, have already returned to battlefields and fought against Afghan national defense and security forces, according to the Ministry of Interior (MoI).

A number of these released Taliban prisoners were killed while fighting against Afghan defense and security forces, said Tariq Arian, the MoI spokesperson, in a video clip released today, November 10.

He added that the Taliban have resorted recently to detonating car bombs in districts’ centers which has largely destroyed public facilities, residential houses, and caused dozens of civilian casualties.

The MoI official further went on to blame the Taliban that they are not abiding by any of their commitments made in US-Taliban deal and kill innocent people on a daily basis.

Second Vice President, Sarwar Danish, claimed in a press conference held on Monday, November 09, that “most of the released” Taliban prisoners have rejoined battlegrounds. He further called on the new US administration to consider a “thorough revision” of the Afghan peace process.

The government completed release process of 5,000 Taliban prisoners, as stipulated in the US-Taliban deal signed on February 29 in Doha, capital of Qatar, earlier in September which paved the way for start of intra-Afghan talks with the Taliban militant group.

In addition to the 5,000 prisoners, the government have also freed more than 1,000 additional Taliban prisoners in a good will gesture for making peace with the militant group.