Taliban kill security forces

Eight killed and 12 wounded in latest violence

Two policemen were killed and two others wounded after their outpost came under attack by a car bomb in Rohani Baba district of the eastern Paktia province, a local official confirmed today, Monday, November 02.

Rohullah Hotak, district governor for Rohani Baba, told Kabul Now that the accident took place at around 11:00 PM on Sunday night in Nayknam area of Rohani Baba district.

The Taliban have not claimed responsibility for the attack but a high-profile local security official blamed the militant group for the attack.

Lutfullah Kamran, the acting police chief for Paktia, says that the Taliban are behind the car bomb, which as he says, was stopped before hitting its target. Two local policemen were also killed and two others wounded in this accident, according to Mr. Kamran.

Abdul Rahman Mangal, spokesperson for Paktia governor, says that security situation is under control in the area.

A surge in violence intensifies in the country even with the government and the Taliban are engaged in a direct peace talks in Doha, Qatar. On September 12, for the first time in 19 years, a government led peace delegation started direct talks with the Taliban representatives but progress is slow as the two sides have become bogged down in setting principles for substantive talks.

On the other hand, four government employees lost their lives and eight others were wounded after a Taliban mortar hit the building of governor office in the northeastern Kunduz province.

Anamuddin Rahmani, spokesperson for Kunduz police chief, told Kabul Now that accident took place on Sunday while a number of government staffs were playing volleyball at sport complex of governor office building.

He blamed the Taliban for the attack.

But the Taliban have not commented in this regard so far.

Kunduz is relatively insecure and the Taliban militants have control over parts of the province.

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