Violence in Afghanistan
Photo: VOA

Taliban shot dead 28 unarmed security forces in Urozgan

The Taliban militants have shot dead 28 Afghan security forces, who had surrendered, in Gizab district of the southern Urozgan province, according to a local official.

Zargai Ebadi, spokesman for Urozgan governor, says 28 security forces, who had surrounded to the Taliban fighters, were killed by the Taliban militants on Monday, September 21.

The Taliban had vowed that they would not kill Afghan security forces if they surrendered but against their words, they have shot dead all Afghan soldiers and confiscated their ammunition and vehicles, security officials claim.

Dead bodies of fallen soldiers have been taken to center of Gizab district, Ebadi said.

On September 21, the Taliban launched attack on security outposts in Gizab, killing 14 security forces. The Afghan forces made a tactical retreat.

In statement issued today, the Taliban have confirmed that their fighters have killed 28 Afghan security forces on battleground in Gizab.

Taliban attacks on Afghan security forces continue though peace talks is underway between the government  negotiating team and Taliban negotiators in Doha, Qatar.


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