Taliban kill 10 security forces in Daikundi and Urozgan

Taliban kill 10 security forces in Daikundi and Urozgan

As many as 10 security forces were killed and 11 others wounded in Taliban attacks last night, August 14, in the southern Urozgan and central Daikundi provinces, according to local officials.

Talking to Kabul Now, Zargai Ebadi, spokesperson for Urozgan governor, said that five police forces were killed and five others wounded as result of Taliban attacks on several security outposts in Yak Linga and Sofian villages of the provincial capital, Tarinkot. He added that an explosive vehicle of the militants was also destroyed by Afghan security forces.

On the other hand, Naqibullah Malistani, security chief of Daikundi’s Police Department confirmed that five member of the People Uprising Force—a pro-government militia—were killed and six others were injured in Taliban attack. He detailed that the incident took place last night, August 14, in Zeyn village of Daikundi’s Patoo district.

Though the local security official did not provide an exact figure, he said that the Taliban have also suffered casualties.

There are sporadic confrontations between the two sides, according to Mr. Malistani.

The central Daikundi province, which shares border with restive Urozgan districts, has witnessed several Taliban attacks, particularly in Patoo and Kejran, in recent years.

The Taliban insurgents continue to attack Afghan security forces though the group representatives in Doha are preparing for a power sharing deal with the Afghan government.