16 Afghan security forces killed in southern provinces

As many as seven policemen were killed in Takht-e-Pul district of the southern Kandahar province after their check-post came under Taliban attack, local security official said.

Jamal Nasir Barekzai, spokesperson for Kandahar police chief, told Kabul Now that Taliban militants launched attack on a police check-post in Malid village of Takht-e-Pul district on Tuesday afternoon, July 21.

An Afghan policeman was wounded, according to Mr. Barekzai.

In a statement, the Taliban have claimed responsibility for the attack.

In separate accident, two Afghan army soldiers were killed when two cars loaded with explosives went off on Lashkar Gah-Kandahar highway.

On other hand, local sources in Urozgan said that seven Afghan security forces including three security chiefs lost their lives when a roadside bomb went off in Khas Urozgan district of Urozgan province.

Zargai Ebadi, spokesperson for Urozgan governor, told Kabul Now that the incident took place around 09:00 AM this morning, Wednesday, July 22, when the military vehicle, which was carrying the Afghan security personnel, hit a mine. He confirmed that Dad Gul, the police chief of Khas Urozgan, Muhebullah, local police chief of Khas Urozgan, Abdul Rashid, commander of Third Company, two policemen along with two Afghan army soldiers, lost their lives to roadside bomb blast on Wednesday, July 22.

The southern provinces of Kandahar, Helmand and Urozgan are restive where the Taliban militants control large swath of area.  

Omer Zawak, spokesperson for Helmand governor, confirmed to Kabul Now that the incident took place around 10:00 PM on Tuesday night in an area close to an Afghan military facility.

Six Afghan army soldiers were wounded, according to Mr. Zawak. He said that a clash between the Afghans security forces and the Taliban fighters erupted after the explosions and the Afghan forces pushed back the attackers, leaving a number of Taliban fighters dead and wounded.

The Taliban have not commented on this incident.