Taliban car bomb leaves five dead and 24 wounded in Ghazni

A car bomb detonated explosives close to an intelligence facility in the southern Ghazni province, leaving five people dead and 24 others wounded, local officials say.

Wahidullah Jumazadah, spokesperson for the governor in Ghazni, told Kabul Now that a suicide bomber in a Humvee vehicle targeted Unit 703 of the National Directorate of Security in Ghazi. Five people were killed and 23 others were wounded, according to Mr. Jumazadah.

The death toll is expected to rise.

There are contradicting reports about causality.  

Baz Mohammad Himmat, head of public hospital in Ghazni, confirmed to Kabul Now that five dead bodies and 24 wounded were taken to the hospital. Ten victims are in critical health condition, according to Mr. Himat.

Zahirshah Nikmal, head of directorate of public health in Ghazni, says those who were in critical health condition, have been taken to the capital Kabul.

The Taliban have claimed responsibility for the attack. In a statement issued today, Monday, May 18, the group claim to have killed Afghan intelligence personnel in Ghani.

The militants’ attacks continue while the Afghan government and the Taliban group are preparing for a peace settlement, known as intra-Afghan talks.