A health worker is testing a suspicious man to make sure if he is not infected by Covid-19, Herat, Afghanistan

Afghanistan’s coronavirus tally jumps to 1,226

With 50 new cases recorded during past 24 hours in seven provinces, the total confirmed cases of the covid-19 pandemic has jumped to 1,226 in Afghanistan, according to Ministry of Public Health (MoPh).

The MoPH spokesperson, Wahidullah Mayar, said that the new cases were reported in Herat (21), Kunduz (15), Kabul (6), Logar (4), Panjshir (2), Takhar (1), and in Jowzjan (1) provinces.

With newly confirmed cases, the pandemic corona outbreak has been reported in 32 provinces of the country. No case of the fatal Covid-19 has reported in the eastern Nuristan and Khost provinces, so far.

A total of 419 people have tested positive for coronavirus in the capital, Kabul, making it the hardest hit province followed by the western Herat province and the southern Kandahar, each has respectively registered 358 and 130 cases of the disease.

Mr. Mayar said that 177 patients, infected by the virus, have recovered in the country. He added that no death, caused by the pandemic, was reported over past 24 hours.

Based on official record of the MoPH, 40 patients, infected by the virus, have lost their lives in Afghanistan.

The official figures, however, is largely unreliable as even Afghanistan’s health authorities have acknowledged that the actual infection rate and death toll of the pandemic are most likely higher than figures announced by the government. They say Afghan health facilities are under-equipped to cover the country as properly as required.