Afghanistan reports 1463 Covid-19 cases

The Afghan Ministry of Public Health confirmed today, Saturday, April 25, that the total number of people, infected by the pandemic coronavirus, has reached 1463.

The announcement comes while earlier last week health workers in western Herat province complained about shortages of RNA kits. Some health workers in Herat told Kabul Now that most health centers in Herat city were underequipped and understaffed.

Afghan health authorities, however, say the country will receive 10,000 kits in next coming days.

According to official record, 206 people, infected by the virus, have recovered while 48 Covid-19 patients have lost their lives.

The pandemic Covid-19 outbreaks continue to climb while the capital Kabul including major Afghan cities are under lockdown. Afghan security authorities have tightened lockdown measures; public movements are restricted and traffic is controlled.