Afghan presidential palace condemns Zabul attack in strongest term

The Afghan presidential palace has condemned Zabul attack, calling it a “heinous act” in a statement issued today, Saturday, March 21, 2020. The presidential palace says that the terrible Zabul attack by the Taliban shows that the group is not yet ready to put an end to violence.

In a deadly attack, yesterday, Friday, March 20, nearly 25 members of the Afghan army and Afghan police were killed after a police checkpoint came under attack by the Taliban group, with help by infiltrators within the Afghan police ranks.    

Political group, including Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, have condemned the Zabul attack, calling it heinous.      

Zabul is a restive province in the south and the Taliban militants control large swaths of areas in the province.

The Afghan defense authorities have said that the Afghan national security forces will take revenge of the blood of those Afghan forces killed in the attack.  

Peter Prugel, the German Ambassador in Kabul, has condemned the Zabul attack. “Outraged by today’s heinous #Taliban attack on #ANDSF forces in Zabul. On the day of Nowruz and in face of a global pandemic, this savage act sheds serious doubts on the #Taliban’s commitment to peace. Sincere condolences to brave ANDSF, families and friends of the victims,” Mr. Prugel wrote in a tweet.

The Zabul attack came while the militant Taliban, under pressure by the US government, are preparing to sit with the Afghan government to reach a political settlement.