Sima Samar stresses on applicable peace plan

The peace process in Afghanistan should be led by the Afghan government and Afghan people, said Sima Samar, state minister for Human Rights and International Relations.

Speaking at a peace meeting yesterday, November 06, Ms. Samar said any peace plan that is not made according to requirement of Afghanistan will not ensure sustainable peace in the country. “The plan should be designed in a way to be applicable and implementable in Afghanistan,” she stated.

The plan to be developed on the basis of social realities of Afghanistan, and that people of different ethnicities should be involved in the process, she emphasized.  

Ms Samar, who is the former head of Independent Afghanistan Human Rights Commission, underlined that the plan should reflect the aspirations of the Afghan people so they would contribute to its implementation.

She urged the Afghan government and political figures to stay united in the peace process.

Ms. Samar talks about making a peace plan in Afghanistan came while President Ghani recently proposed a seven-point plan for peace negotiation with the Taliban. The plan says a month-long ceasefire should be precondition to peace talks.

The plan was publicized short after an intra-Afghan peace dialogue with the Taliban was postponed indefinitely that was set to be nheld in the Chinese capital, Beijing, in late October.

Citing an unidentified source, the Associated Press reported on October 26 that the postponement would be brief but no new date was given.

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