Join us in peace, or we will continue to fight, says Afghan NSA Mohib

Addressing the United Nations Grand Assembly 74 on Monday, September 30, Afghanistan National Security Adviser Hamadullah Mohib said peace is a priority for the Afghan government. “As we prepare to take the next step in [peace] process, we are committed to the principles of inclusivity, sustainability and dignity,” he stated.

Mohib noted that to start peace talks they needed to put a ceasefire in place. He asserted that talks must take place between the Afghan government and the Taliban group. “The Islamic Republic must be preserved as the foundation of our nation-state,” he said.  Appreciating assistance provided by Afghanistan’s international partners, the NSA underlined Afghanistan, the United States and NATO countries are natural allies in fighting terrorism.

“Peace is our common objective and terrorists are our common enemy—we must not rush the former, at the risk of empowering the latter,” Mohib underlined. “Join us in peace, or we will continue to fight,” the Afghan National Security said, addressing the Taliban insurgent and their supporters.

Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the incumbent president, has repeatedly stated that peace process should be pursued by a new elected government that will enjoy more time and legitimacy to deal with the insurgents.  

So far, the Taliban insurgents have stood firm on their stand, rejecting to have talks with the Afghan government, labelling it a ‘puppet government.’

Pointing out to Afghan presidential polls, Mohib remarked at the UNGA74 that the Afghan people voted for democracy, constitution, freedom, national sovereignty, and peace. He said that the brave Afghans, whose fingers were cut by the Taliban in previous elections for the sake of voting, again turned out and voted in polls.  

Afghanistan held its fourth presidential election under tight security even though the Taliban had threatened to attack polling centers.

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