Almost 2,200,000 Afghans cast vote in presidential poll

Afghanistan’s Independent Election Commission (IEC) has said the commission has received ballot boxes of 3,736 polling centers so far. Speaking at a press conference last night, September 29, IEC board member announced that as many as 2,196,436 Afghans cast vote in 3,736 polling centers that were set up across the country.

The IEC stated out of 5,373 polling centers, figures about participation of people in 786 polling centers are expected to be announced in a short while, but there are no details available about 234 polling centers.

According to IEC board members, as many 617 polling centers—across the country—remained closed in 2019 presidential election.   

The IEC officials, while briefing journalists, said that IEC will do its responsibility as transparent as possible. They added the primary result of poll will be announced as scheduled.  

Under tight security and fear of violence, the 2019 Afghan presidential election was held on September 28, though the Taliban insurgents had threatened to target polling centers and warned the Afghans to stay away from polls. At odds to all challenges and security threats, the Afghan turned out to vote.

Despite security challenges and low turnout, the 2019 presidential election was a success story and primary result of this election is expected to come out on October 19.