US Ambassador Bass condemns Sunday’s attack on media

In reaction to an attack carried out on Sunday against staff of a private TV channel, Khurshid TV, in Kabul, US Ambassador John R. Bass condemned the attack and described it as “senseless.”

“Attacks on civilians and media serve no purpose,” Bass noted in a tweet posted on Monday, adding that all sides must focus on peace and the future of Afghanistan.

The IED attack which was carried out around 05:30 PM on Sunday on a vehicle carrying staffs of Khurshid TV channel in PD15 of Kabul city, left two civilians dead and four people wounded, including three staffs of the TV channel.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attacks so far.

The Taliban, however, had issued warning against Afghan media on June 24, saying journalists will be targeted unless news outlets stop broadcasting what they describe as government propaganda against the militant group.