Ghani assures women rights in peace deal

A statement issued by the Presidential Palace said that in a meeting with women rights activists President Ghani, pointing to the ongoing peace efforts, assured that he would not accept any deal harming the women rights.

President Ghani, while talking to women rights activists in Kabul, said that laws, which could insure the women rights in the country, were passed during the tenure of the National Unity Government (NUG).

Ghani’s remarks came after eight round of US-Taliban peace talks took place in Doha, capital of Qatar.

“In Doha, if the Taliban do their part, we will do ours, and conclude the agreement we have been working on,” the US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad tweeted Wednesday.

Stressing on “full participation” of women, he had previously said that women’s rights must be protected in any peace agreement and they should be an integral part of intra-Afghan negotiations.

Of the 62 participants, eleven attendants were women in an intra-Afghan peace conference with the Taliban, held on July 7-8 in Doha. The Taliban, however, have always insisted that they would respect women’s participation but in line with sharia, Islamic law.