Taliban Shoots at Taxi in Kabul, Killing Five           

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN – Local sources report that Taliban forces opened fire on a taxi carrying civilians at a checkpoint in Kabul, killing all five passengers.      

According to sources, the taxi was passing through a Taliban checkpoint in northern Kabul when it became the target of Taliban gunfire on Monday, February 12. 

Reports indicate that all five individuals have been killed.                         

According to sources,  the cab driver who was shot dead was a man named Ramish, from Panjshir’s Anaba district.  

In addition to Ramish, four passengers were in the cab, which sources say were all killed in the shooting and their bodies were transferred to the medical forensic department.

The Taliban, however, has dismissed their involvement in the shooting. Khaled Zadran, the spokesperson for the Taliban’s security command in Kabul, called the claims of their forces killing the men as ‘baseless’ and ‘absolute lies.