Photo: Khalid Zadran via Twitter

Taliban police kill four alleged kidnappers in Kabul’s Paghman

Taliban security authorities in the capital Kabul have reported killing four alleged kidnappers during a night raid in the western Paghman district.

In a post on X, Khalid Zadran, Taliban’s security spokesman in Kabul, said the group’s forces launched a night operation targeting a group of kidnappers in the Pashta Badam area on Saturday.

It soon erupted into an armed clash resulting in the death of the suspected men who Zadran accused of abducting a person, identified as Mohammad Amin, a few days ago.

Amin was rescued during the Saturday operation, he added.

He did not provide further information.

Since overtaking power two years ago, the Taliban authorities have been grappling with manifold challenges, among them maintaining law and order across the country. Violent crime has seen a sharp increase despite the group’s claim of “bringing peace and security” to the people.

To reinstate its hardline rule, the group has on some occasions hung up bodies of alleged kidnappers publicly in what they call “to be a life lesson for other kidnappers.”