Photo: Taliban Consulate in Karachi

Pakistan releases scores of Afghanistan nationals from Karachi prisons

Scores of detained Afghanistan nationals have been recently released by the Pakistan authorities in the Sindh province.

Taliban’s Consulate General in Karachi said that at least 75 detainees, including six children, were released from a number of prisons in Karachi on Tuesday.

The Consulate stated that all of them were sent back to Afghanistan while efforts to secure the release of over 300 other detainees are underway.

The Taliban’s consulate did not provide further details.

Pakistani police have carried out multiple raids across the Sindh province in recent months, detaining a large number of nationals of Afghanistan who entered without valid travel documents.

The Taliban authorities indicated that more than 2,500 nationals from Afghanistan have been freed from Karachi jails during this time.

Following the Taliban’s return to power two years ago, over 600,000 people from Afghanistan have sought refuge in Pakistan, joining the four million Afghanistan refugees already residing in the country. Among them, only 1.3 million individuals are registered with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).