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Residents of Miramor district in Daykundi self-finance construction of elementary school

Despite poverty and economic challenges, the residents of a remote village in Miramor district of central Daykundi province have begun construction of an elementary school using their own funds and resources.

The school, located in Kor Af village, will have six classrooms, a library, and an office to provide a learning environment for the children of the community.

A member of the district’s education department told KabulNow that the community had lost hope that the Taliban would construct the school, so they decided to build it themselves.

He said that for the past two decades, due to government neglect, the children had to study in dilapidated shops. Now, the villagers want to provide their children with a better educational setting.

The community has voluntarily begun construction of the school, and they have collectively contributed materials such as wood, stone, cement, and other necessary resources.

The construction of the school is expected to cost 1.5 million Afghanis ($18,000), which the community has not yet been able to raise. They are appealing for financial assistance from individuals and international organizations.

In addition to the cost of construction, the community also needs help to build a wall surrounding the school, dig a water well, build a toilet, and buy desks, chairs, and school equipment.

The residents of Miramor district in Daykundi province had previously self-financed the construction of another school in the district.

Afghanistan has long struggled with a lack of educational infrastructure, teachers, and access to study materials in remote districts. Miramor district in Daykundi province is one example of this problem, where students have had limited access to essential educational resources and have resorted to studying in open spaces and dilapidated buildings.