Photo: IRNA

Iranian lawmaker: Afghanistan situation poses threat to neighboring countries

Iranian lawmaker, Fada-Hossein Maleki, has warned that the Taliban’s disregard for international rules and the recent development in Afghanistan threatens the security of Iran and Pakistan.

In an interview with the Iranian Hamshahri Online News Agency on Saturday, Maleki stated that future dialogues with the Taliban authorities will focus on the threat of terrorism, particularly ISIS, and the Taliban’s disregard for international law towards neighboring countries.

He also highlighted the importance of Iran’s water rights from the Helmand River, which he said has become one of the most important regional issues.

Maleki stated that during his recent visit to Pakistan, the officials of the country repeatedly expressed their concern about the danger of terrorism, the developments in Afghanistan, and the current situation in the country.

Iran and Afghanistan have a long-standing dispute over Iran’s water rights from the Helmand River. A 1973 treaty committed Afghanistan to supply Iran with 22 cubic meters of water per second. However, Iranian officials have accused the Taliban of failing to honor their commitments under the treaty, claiming that they are currently receiving less than 4% of their entitled water rights.

Pakistan expects the Taliban to take action against terrorist organizations and respect its counter-terrorism commitment made with the international community under the Doha Agreement.

The country accuses the Taliban of breaking their promise to fight terrorism and claims that the group has harbored the TTP, leading to increased attacks in Pakistan after the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan.