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Former military commander shot dead in Sar-e-Pol province

A former military commander was killed by unknown assailants outside his house in the center of northern Sar-e-Pol province, local sources said.

Yama Khalidi was shot dead around PD 3 on Monday when he was returning from evening prayers, two sources confirmed to KabulNow.

According to the sources, Khalidi previously served as a local military commander in the province and had recently returned to the country from Iran where he had fled following the Taliban takeover.

His return was facilitated by the Taliban’s Commission of Liaison and Repatriation of Afghan Personalities, which was formed to negotiate the return of high-ranking ex-officials and top military officials to Afghanistan, promising them safety and protection.

Taliban’s security command in Sar-e-Pol confirmed the killing of Khalidi but did not provide further details.

The motive behind the killing is unclear.

However, the Taliban has carried out a violent campaign against former military and police forces despite a proclaimed amnesty.

A Human Rights Watch report showed that in the three months since their takeover, Taliban forces killed or forcibly disappeared more than 100 former security force members and those who worked with international troops in just four provinces of Ghazni, Helmand, Kandahar, and Kunduz.