Residents of Shighnan district in Badakhshan self-finance to build an elementary school

Local residents in northeastern Badakhshan province report that they have started the construction of an elementary school using their personal funds and resources.

The school, located in the Chawed village of Shighnan district, will consist of nine classrooms to provide a learning environment for the children of the community.

The residents say that over the past two decades, due to government negligence, their children had to study under tents and in open spaces, but that now they want to offer their children a better educational setting.

Nowruz, a Chawed village resident, told KabulNow that no specific fundraising program was organized, and everyone has contributed based on their means and capabilities. According to him, the community has collectively provided materials such as wood, stone, soil, and other necessary resources for the construction, with residents volunteering their labor for the project.

The residents, however, face additional challenges such as lack of teachers, books, and study materials. They call on Taliban officials in the province to address these issues and ensure the provision of adequate resources.

Throughout the past two decades, Afghanistan has struggled with a lack of educational infrastructure, teachers, and access to study materials in remote villages. Chawed village in Badakhshan exemplifies this problem, where students have had limited access to essential educational resources and have resorted to studying in open spaces and tents.