Photo: Sent to KabulNow

Refugee from Afghanistan takes his own life in Islamabad

Sources within the Afghanistan refugee community in Islamabad say that a young man from Badakhshan province has taken his own life in the city.

The man, identified as Sayem, committed suicide on Thursday evening by jumping from the sixth floor of a building located in the Golberg Green area of Islamabad.

Sayem, who had been residing in Pakistan for several months, graduated from Kabul Polytechnic University and was awaiting the processing of his U.S. P2 immigration case.

Economic challenges and the prolonged delay in his immigration application are believed to be the underlying factors that led to Sayem’s decision.

Sources reveal that his family transported his body back to Afghanistan on Friday.

In the wake of the Taliban’s return to power in Afghanistan, a significant number of citizens of Afghanistan sought refuge in Pakistan, hoping to secure asylum and resettlement in European countries and the United States.

Among them are individuals who had served as employees in the previous government of Afghanistan, as well as in various US and Western organizations during the past two decades. These refugees have voiced concerns regarding the slow processing of their immigration applications, which has exacerbated their economic difficulties and risk of deportation from Pakistan.