NRF urges political groups and elites to unite to end Taliban rule

The armed anti-Taliban group, the National Resistance Front (NRF) urged Afghanistan’s political elites and groups to unite in their efforts to bring an end to Taliban rule.

In a statement in Persian on Tuesday, the NRF emphasized that the experience of the past two years has confirmed their understanding of the violent and non-changeable nature of the Taliban.

“Therefore, we ask the people, the groups, and political elites both within and outside the country to come together and fulfill their historical responsibility towards the oppressed people and the present and future generations by putting an end to the rule of this violent and mercenary group,” stated the NRF in their message.

The NRF further asserted that the Taliban is not changing and to end their rule, there is a need for solidarity among different groups and more practical and serious steps by the international community.

Referring to the relocation of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) members to northern and western Afghanistan, the statement condemned these actions as not only posing a danger to the peace and stability of Afghanistan but also to the entire region.

“This move not only reveals the Taliban’s support for and strengthening of like-minded terrorist groups but also serves as a clear example of national betrayal and treacherous abuse of power to grant lands to our enemies without any legal basis,” the NRF emphasized.

The NRF expressed concern that the Taliban has given its “externally supported criminal activities” an “ethnic color”, adding fuel to the fire of internal discord.

“All ethnic groups, including the respected Pashtun community, have suffered at the hands of the brutal and uncivilized Taliban group,” stated the NRF. “We ask the political and cultural elites from all ethnic groups, to actively contribute to the pursuit of justice to create a shared and united future through unveiling the true nature of the Taliban’s foreign associations.” It added.

Recent reports have highlighted the movement of TTP members into northern Afghanistan, including Takhar province. The Taliban has confirmed the relocation of what they call the “Waziristan immigrants” to southern, central, and northern regions of the country.

Several other political groups had previously voiced their concerns in this regard, describing this development as an attempt to “alter the demographic structure” and transform the north of the country into the “nest of terrorists.”