NRF: The Taliban is establishing a permanent sanctuary for regional terrorists

In response to yesterday’s explosion in northeastern Badakhshan province, the armed anti-Taliban group, the National Resistance Front (NRF), has claimed that the Taliban is actively working to establish a secure and permanent base for regional terrorists.

The NRF stated in a Persian statement on Friday that the recent explosions in Badakhshan, which resulted in civilian casualties, are rooted in the internal conflicts within the Taliban ranks.

The NRF stressed that “we must unite and resist together for the freedom of our country to stop the looming and dangerous conspiracy.”

According to the NRF, the Taliban is characterized as a “mafia-like, foreign, and untrustworthy” group lacking the capacity and competence to maintain security within the country.

The Front also highlighted that suicide attacks and laying mines in mosques are notorious traditions inherited from the Taliban.

Meanwhile, Badakhshan province experienced two separate explosions last week, resulting in the deaths of the former deputy governor of the Taliban for Badakhshan and the former security commander of the group for Baghlan.

While the Islamic State-Khorasan Province (ISKP) claimed responsibility for the first explosion, no group has claimed responsibility for Thursday’s incident.

The Taliban has condemned these attacks, attributing them to the actions of “enemies of Islam.” The group’s longtime spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid said that their forces have been ordered to identify the perpetrators behind these attacks.