Sirajuddin Haqqani tells gathering in Balkh war not the solution

In a meeting held in Balkh province in northern Afghanistan, Sirajuddin Haqqani, the Taliban Interior Minister, stated that war is not the solution.

It remains unclear whether he was specifically addressing the ongoing conflict with the National Resistance Front, he expressed the view that conflicts should be resolved through negotiation.

During the meeting, which was attended by locals and Taliban officials, Haqqani encouraged political figures to return to the country, assuring their safety and the security of jihadi leaders and opponents of the Taliban, should they choose to come back. These details were disclosed by participants who spoke anonymously, as the meeting was closed-door.

According to the participants, the objective of Haqqani’s visit to Balkh and other northern provinces is to understand the concerns and demands of local communities.

Coinciding with Haqqani’s trip, two devastating explosions occurred in Badakhshan province, resulting in the loss of numerous civilian lives, including two high-ranking Taliban members.