A village in Parwan province, Afghanistan. Photo: US Staff Sgt. Kelvin Lovelist

Body of child found a month after abduction in Parwan province

Taliban security officials say the body of an 8-year-old child has been discovered after being abducted a month earlier in the Charikar district of eastern Parwan province.

According to Kamran Zaid, Taliban’s security spokesperson in the province, the child was kidnapped from the PD 1 of Charikar city and murdered. His body was found in a dump near the PD 1 on Wednesday.

Three people, including the child’s stepmother, have been detained in involvement to the abduction and subsequent murder, Zaid added.

The spokesperson suspected that “family enmity” was the reason behind the murder.

However, he stated that further investigation is underway to determine more about it.

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