Two traffic accidents kill one and injure 12 people in Parwan province

Two separate traffic accidents in the central Parwan province involving multiple vehicles and a bicycle have left at least one dead and 12 injured, officials said.

According to Abdul Hamid Mohammadi, Taliban’s traffic official in the province, the first accident occurred on Saturday at noon in Sardeh Maskan village when a Toyota Crolla car collided with a bicycle, killing the young bicyclist and injuring a woman passenger of the car.

Mohammadi added that the second accident took place on Sunday around 3:20 pm in the province’s central Laghmani village when two cars crashed, critically injuring 11 passengers of both vehicles. All injured were reportedly men.

The primary causes attributed to these accidents are excessive speeding and disregard for driving principles, noted the traffic official.

The occurrence of traffic accidents has increased in recent months across various provinces in the country. Hundreds of lives are claimed each year, and numerous individuals are left disabled or injured due to traffic accidents.

During this month, at least seven deadly traffic accidents were reported in Jowzjan, Faryab, Baghlan, Logar, and Panjshir provinces.

Poor road conditions, drivers’ carelessness, and non-compliance with driving regulations are key factors in traffic accidents in Afghanistan.