Taliban Supreme Court has issued 175 qisas and 37 stoning sentences

The Taliban’s deputy of its Supreme Court, Abdul Malik Haqqani, said on Thursday that the court has issued 175 qisas, 37 stoning and four sentences of knocking down a wall on the convicts since the group’s return to power.

In a video statement on Thursday, Abdul Malik Haqqani said that the verdicts had been issued after the completion of the Taliban’s judicial processes. Some of the sentences are yet to put to action, he said.

Qisas is an Islamic legal term that refers to the principle of retribution or retaliation in cases of murder or serious bodily harm. It is based on the idea of “an eye for an eye” and is seen as a way to provide justice and deterrence in society. This can include the death penalty, amputation of limbs, or other forms of physical punishment.

Haqqani said the Quran has put a high emphasis on implementing qisas.

The Taliban supreme leader, Mullah Hibatullah Akhundza, has put repeatedly ordered his judges to implement the Sharia in the group’s penal practice.

The group has turned public displays carrying out sentences, including executions and floggings, a part of its judicial practice.