Baharak Hospital in Badakhshan province. Photo: Social Media

Taliban fighters assault doctors at Baharak Hospital in Badakhshan province

Taliban fighters assaulted two doctors and the head of the Baharak hospital in Badakhshan province.

The fighters, who are reportedly associated to Mullah Hafiz Mujahid, the Taliban’s head of Umar Salis division in the province, entered the hospital on Monday noon and began beating the doctors.

They also fired gunshots, but it is unclear if anyone was injured.

The fighters assaulted the doctors for allegedly not treating one of their fighters who was supposed to undergo surgery at the hospital.

Before leaving, the fighters warned the hospital’s doctors and personnel not to speak about the incident to the media.

The head of the hospital, a specialist, sustained injuries to his head and eyes, a source told KabulNow.

The local district governor, security commander, and health officials of Aga Khan Health Services have called for a meeting to discuss the incident.

Taliban officials in the province have not yet commented on the incident.