Parwan province. Photo sent to KabulNow

Taliban-backed Kuchis clashes with local residents in Parwan province over grazing rights

A recent clash between native residents of Shangaryan Valley in Parwan province and nomadic Pashtun Kuchis erupted over grazing rights on Saturday as the latter attempted to gain access to the summer pastures in the valley, locals said.

When the Kuchis were bringing their herds into the valley, locals stated, people did not allow them, and this prompted a dispute between the two.

In the recurring clashes, the Taliban sided with the Kuchis, locals added.

Another source stated that the Taliban has claims over the lands of a local school teacher Moalim Norullah to be originally possessed by their ancestors and which the group demands to be turned back.

“The Kuchis and the local Taliban forces, who are positioned in Shaikh Ali district, returned to the valley the next day and detained Norullah, and since then, he remains in Taliban custody.” The source noted.

According to local sources, Taliban-backed Kuchis tried to possess the ancestral lands of local residents in Shangaryan Valley last year as well but left the areas after facing fierce resistance from the locals.