Residents of Raghistan district in Badakhshan self-finance to build 15km road

The residents of Raghistan district in northeastern Badakhshan province are taking initiative to construct a 15km road through self-financing. They have collected two million Afghanis to fund this project.

According to Hikmatullah Mohammadi, the Taliban’s head of the information and culture department in Badakhshan, the road will be paved from Bikadar village to the district’s center. The funds raised by the local residents will be utilized to cover the expenses of necessary equipment and workers’ wages.

Despite the significant amount of aid received from Western countries over the past two decades, many remote areas like Raghistan have been neglected in terms of development and public services.

Raghistan, home to over 40,000 people, is one of the 28 districts in Badakhshan located in the northwest part of the province. Due to its challenging mountainous terrain, the district lacks proper roads, making it difficult for residents to access hospitals and commute on a daily basis.

Mohammadi highlighted that the construction of the new road aims to address these issues and provide solutions for the community.