Four coal miners die of gas asphyxiation in Baghlan province

Four mine workers died on Tuesday night in the coal mines of northern Baghlan province’s Tala wa Barfak and Jalga districts, local Taliban officials reported.

Abdullah Hamed, the group’s head of mines directorate in Baghlan, said in the first occurrence, brothers Nazkamir and Abdulsiar lost their lives due to gas poisoning while working in a coal mine in the village of Poshta Maraq within Tala wa Barfak district.

The second incident claimed the lives of two other workers, father and son duo Shir and Dost Mohammad, who were working in the hazardous Shahkul Chenarak area of Jalga district.

Local Taliban officials have refrained from revealing further information.

This is not an isolated incident. On May 17, a coal mine worker in Tala wa Barfak district died of gas asphyxiation, while six others were left poisoned.

Non-standard mining and disregard for safety precautions are among the reasons miners lose their lives across Afghanistan.