Artists launch ‘Silenced Voices campaign in support of women in Afghanistan

Afghan singer and songwriter, Farhad Darya, has joined forces with 14 female painters and photographers from Iran, Netherlands, Germany, and England to launch a campaign named “Silenced Voices” that advocates for women’s rights in Afghanistan.

According to the press release of this campaign, “Silenced Voices” is the first-ever campaign to use visual arts and music as a voice for protesting women’s rights, including education, and the silence of music artists in Afghanistan.

The campaign will commence on May 5th with Farhad Darya’s concert in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and will conclude on June 9th in Frankfurt, Germany, with a photography exhibition.

Darya emphasized the significance of the campaign by saying, “Our Doha is on the stage. We talk to people face-to-face and uncensored. We are the voice of the people to whom no one listens behind the closed doors of Doha meetings.”

As an ambassador for Daricha, an online and physical school with more than 2,500 female students in 10 provinces of Afghanistan, Darya has taken a strong stance against the ban on women and girls’ education.