US Congressman pushes to impeach Defense Secretary over Afghanistan withdrawal

Cory Mills, a US army veteran who served nearly two years in Afghanistan and is now the Republican representative at the US Congress, has drafted articles of impeachment for the US Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin, over the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021, Fox News reported on Saturday.

“I have already drafted my articles of impeachment for the dereliction of duty,” Fox News quoted the Republican representative as saying. “I do feel there needs to be accountability at the top and at the highest levels, and I hope that we can get true accountability with future hearings and investigations and your testimonies that would actually either substantiate or discredit my beliefs.”

Corry Mills added that many members of the House are ready to sign the impeachment and support the process.

“We already have quite a lot of members who want to go ahead and sign on to this. I will make sure that I submit this forward so that it can be considered for additional investigations and hearings for Secretary Austin,” he said.

According to Fox News, during the last week’s hearing in US House Armed Services Committee, Corry Mills told US Defense Secretary that he should have resigned due to his failures during the Afghanistan withdrawal. Mills reiterated his remarks during the hearing, emphasizing the closure of Bagram Air Base and the suspension of commercial flights in Kabul as pivotal events that contributed to the tumultuous US exit from Afghanistan.

The Republican Representative argued that many military officers could be removed from duty for the failures unfolded in Afghanistan and that Austin should not be held to a separate standard because of his position.

Meanwhile, Austin stated in the Congress session last week that he did not regret the way the US left Afghanistan. In recent days, the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan has been the topic of many American policymakers.