Taliban prevents families visit detainees in its captivity

Sources in the northeastern Panjshir province have told KabulNow that Taliban authorities are preventing families of detainees being held by the group’s intelligence agency from visiting them in Kabul.

Kamaluddin, a former army commander accused of collaborating with the anti-Taliban group, the National Resistance Front (NRF), has been held in captivity for over a year without the right to have his family visit him.

According to a source, Kalamduddin has been frequently tortured and is in poor health.

Farad Abdul Ghiyath, a former soldier, and Gholam Haidar, an elderly civilian, are among the detainees being denied family access.

Reports indicate that prisoners held in Taliban intelligence prisons are subjected to torture and mistreatment, which has resulted in the deaths of some detainees. The group does not allow reporters and those organizations responsible for monitoring and defending human rights to access the prisons.