Taliban prepares "Sharia based" dress code for school students
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Taliban prepares “Sharia based” dress code for school students

The Taliban Ministry of Education has prepared a “Sharia based” dress code for school students, including girls above the 6th grade. It requires all students to have head-to-toe and loosely fitting clothes with the Taliban’s flag pin badged on it. The girls need to put on a cloak as well.

In recent days, a detailed official and signed bill was circulating on social media in which the Taliban’s education ministry has asked its subsidiary institutions for comments to finalize the dress code.

Talking to KabulNow on Friday, a source from the ministry confirmed the authenticity of the draft bill.

According to the dress code, both male and female students are obliged to wear Perahan Tunban, a traditional Afghan clothing, but in different shapes and colors.

In addition to the dress and a “Sharia-compliant” headscarf, school girls have to put on a cloak on their ways to schools and back home and preferably wear a mask.

The color for the uniform of the girls below the 6th grade is defined as “dark ivory” with a “white” headscarf.

The uniform for the girls above the 6th grade, who are banned from schools since March 2022, is defined as mehandi green dress with black headscarf.

For boys below the 6th grade, the Taliban has set a uniform in blue color and for boys above the 6th grade the group has set the uniform in pistachio green color.

Skirts for both, girls and boys from 1st to 12th grade, need to be long enough to fully cover their knees over their trousers.

Under this dress code, male school teachers must have the Perahan Tunban outfits and female teachers should wear the female shape of Perahan Tunban with a Sharia-compliant chador.

This comes as women and girls above the 6th grade is currently not allowed to get education with many other restrictions still being imposed on women’s rights to education, work, and freedom of movements. In latest move, the Taliban banned women from working with the United Nations and its associated agencies in Afghanistan on Tuesday.