Taliban claims killing two ISKP members in Nimruz

The Taliban local officials in the southwestern Nimruz province claimed to have killed two members of the Islamic State – Khurasan Province (ISKP) and arrested one other during an operation in Zaranj, capital of the province, on Sunday.

Earlier on Sunday, local sources told KabulNow that the Taliban forces had detained a man and two women after an armed clash in the suburbs of Zaranj city.

The Taliban’s Head of Information and Culture Habibullah Elham, confirmed the incident saying that the group’s forces and civilians were not harmed during this operation. He added that two women and one man are arrested in connection with the incident, and some ammunition was obtained during the operation.

The Taliban have carried out killings in various provinces under the pretext of targeting ISKP members, but these claims have not been independently verified. In some cases, it is alleged that the Taliban have falsely targeted civilians and former soldiers under the name of ISKP members.

Last month, the group announced the elimination of eight insurgents and kidnappers in northern Balkh province, whereas relatives of the deceased refuted the claim afterward, saying the individuals were actually workers of a construction company and former military personnel.