Armed clash in Kapisa mosque leaves two dead and four wounded

Armed clash over Quran recitation leaves two dead in Kapisa province

At least two people were dead and four others were injured in a deadly armed clash erupted during a Quran recitation ceremony in a mosque in Nijrab district of the north-eastern Kapisa province on Sunday, local Taliban officials confirmed.

Abdul Fattah Fayez, spokesperson for the Taliban police in Kapisa, said the tension between members of the two families over how many sections of Quran should be recited led to the deadly clash. One side wanted one section of the Quran to be recited and the other stood firm on reciting two sections, he said.

“A person named Aslam was killed and four others were injured from both sides; while Aslam’s father died of a heart attack upon hearing of his son’s death,” the local Taliban official detailed about the incident.

He added that the Taliban forces have arrested three people in connection with the incident and the investigation was ongoing.

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