Photo: Etilaat Roz / KabulNow

Women protesters in Mazar-i-Sharif demand the Taliban lift restrictions on girls

A group of women in the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif, the capital of Balkh province, held an indoor protest rally on Thursday demanding the Taliban to lift bans on women and girls’ rights to work and education.

Education, the women said, is a fundamental right of citizens and the Taliban should not obstruct this right.

They demanded the Taliban leaders to reconsider their restrictive decisions and provide the grounds for education and meaningful participation of women in society.

A protester who did not want to named told KabulNow that “If they Taliban really followed the Holy Quran and Prophet Mohammand, they would not deprive us of education.” Adding that boys and girls shared a role in the progress and development of Afghanistan. “To get out of the crisis caused by years of war, women should be allowed to work and help provide services,” she said.

The protesters called on other woman to join them in their demand to reopen schools and universities for women and girls.

“We ask all educated young people, women, and citizens to unite for women’s advocacy so that we can convince the Taliban to change their policies,” a protester said.

The Taliban banned girls from secondary schools soon after returning to power in August 2021 and banned them from universities in December 2022. 

Despite international condemnations and pleas, the Taliban has refused to change or reverse its policies.