Nowruz celebration in Daikundi before the Taliban's return. Photo: Social Media

Taliban prevents Nowruz celebration in Daikundi province

Residents of Miramor district in central Daykundi Province were left disappointed after the Taliban prevented the “biggest” public celebration in the area, marking Nowruz. 

According to residents, the celebration has a history of about 250 years in this district, and is a significant cultural event in the region. However, the Taliban’s Directorate of Propagation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice declared the celebration “unlawful, alien, and un-Islamic.” 

A local resident told KabulNow on Thursday, that despite initial approval by the district governor and security commander of the Taliban for the event, and locals spending over 600,000 Afghanis (US$6,900) for preparation, the celebration was prevented. 

The ban on Nowruz celebrations and recreational activities has been enforced by the Taliban in various provinces of the country.