Taliban's intelligence chief in Takhar arrested for corruption
Sayed Ahmad Ahmadi, the Taliban's intelligence chief in Takhar province. Photo: Sent to KabulNow

Taliban detains two officials for corruption and theft

Local sources in the northeastern provinces of Takhar and Panjshir have confirmed to KabulNow that Taliban authorities have arrested the group’s intelligence chief in Takhar for selling historical artefacts, and its head of agriculture in Panjshir for stealing public property.

A source from inside the Taliban in Taloqan city, the capital of Takhar, said that the group’s intelligence chief, Sayed Ahmad Ahmadi, was detained on Wednesday for the sale and smuggling of historical artefacts.

He is reported to have sold an item for 8 million AFN ($89,898).

However, Baraktullah Khalid, the media officer for Sayed Ahmad Ahmadi, denied the arrest and stated that he had traveled to Kabul for work purposes.

Sources in Panjshir province have confirmed that the group’s intelligence agents detained its head of agriculture department, Abdul Mujib Mushfeq, four days ago for “stealing state properties, corruption, and misuse of office”.

The Taliban’s head of agriculture department in Panjshir, Abdul Mujib Mushfeq, circled.

The Taliban has not yet commented on Abdul Mujib Mushfeq’s arrest, but sources in his department have confirmed his absence.