UN Special Rapporteur to present second report on Afghanistan
Photo: United Nations

Richard Bennet to present second Afghan report to UN Human Rights Council

The UN Special Rapporteur on Afghanistan Richard Bennet is set to present his second report on the situation of human rights in Afghanistan to the UN Human Rights Council today.

An “interactive dialogue” will be held after the presentation of Bennet’s report, Afghanistan’s Embassy and Permanent Mission to the UN office in Geneva said in a tweet.

The human rights crisis in Afghanistan has worsened, according to Bennet’s second report, since the presentation of his initial report presented in December 2022.

“The systematic violation of the human rights of women and girls has deepened even further, and fundamental freedoms, including the rights of peaceful assembly and association, expression and the rights to life and protection against ill-treatment have increasingly been flouted,” part of the Rapporteur’s second report reads.

Moreover, Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) said in a statement on Saturday that human rights violations were spreading under the Taliban rule in Afghanistan.

The AIHRC, which is now operating in exile, added that the grave situation of human rights violation was “intolerable” under the Taliban in Afghanistan, calling on other human rights organizations to help Afghans curb this situation.